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About Us

Sundaylicious is a weekly celebration of your city’s best restaurants, offering their best Sunday deal. These restaurants come highly recommended by diners and foodies like you and are vetted by our staff. Feel like pizza? We can get you a great Sunday deal at the best pizzeria in town. Prefer sushi or the city’s best steak? We have you covered. Korean BBQ? If it’s in your city, we can help you with that too!

Foodies don’t frequent franchises! Real foodies help create a community of independent restaurants!

So if it’s a Sunday, pick your cuisine, find a great deal, and support your local restauranteurs.

Consumer's FAQs

Sundays are slow for most restaurants. Many diners assume that the better restaurants are closed or that dining at a franchise will be less expensive. Sundaylicious helps you experience great local restaurants at a great price. And it helps these unique, independent businesses flourish.
Sundaylicious restaurants offer a multitude of amazing deals. For example, Painters Hall in Barrie offered three courses for just $33 last month. Look up your favorite cuisine or city, and see what’s available this Sunday!
We take a careful, multipronged approach to build the list:
  • We reach out proactively to the best restaurants using our knowledge of a particular market
  • Restaurants apply and are vetted for specific criteria
  • Diners recommend their favorite restaurants, and we then vet and invite them to join. You can recommend your favorite restaurant here!
Great question. Sundaylicious finds and promotes your city’s best independent restaurants. Many of these independents struggle to continually provide high quality experiences at reasonable prices because they compete with franchised chains backed by huge advertising budgets. Furthermore, your first-hand feedback is very helpful to fellow diners and foodies who are focused on both value and quality. So… to keep the independent restaurant scene in your city vibrant, we rely on diners like you to help spread the word and promote your city’s best via Facebook.

Restaurant's FAQs

Yes, please submit your restaurant details here. We will review, research and get in touch with you within 48 hours.
Sundaylicious restaurants are recognized as being the very best at what they offer in their city. The Sundaylicious program increases covers and revenues. Sundaylicious participants have averaged a 34% increase in sales with minimal effort. And your customers benefit from accessing a great deal from their new favorite place.
Once approved, the cost for each restaurant is C$12.49 per week paid via automatic billing.
For each city, we aim to have 15 establishments for every 100,000 residents. A Sundaylicious list for a city of over 400,000 would be limited to 60 of the best restaurants.
The criteria are minimal but focused. You must:
  • 1. Offer an appealing incentive for consumers to dine on a Sunday.
  • 2. Maintain an aggregate score of at least 4 on Yelp, Tripadvisor and Google.
  • 3. Post an unpaid advertisement on Facebook every Sunday.
Restaurants that don’t meet the criteria cannot be added to the list. Restaurants that fail to continually meet the criteria will be taken off the list. Sundaylicious offers separate consulting to assist already favored (among diners) restaurants to meet the criteria.
You may suspend your account at anytime simply by selecting "Suspend Campaign" in the restaurant details section of your profile.